Tinny's Butterfly Cafe -Entry and MEGA tickets

Tinny's Butterfly Cafe -Entry and MEGA tickets
Alkaen AUD 28,00 AUD
  • Kesto: 2 Tunnit (noin)
  • Tuotekoodi: MEGAB

Save 10% plus by booking the MEGA ticket

Tinnys Butterfly House and Underwater Cafe

NOW Turn up anytime.

The Worlds Only Underwater Cafe!

We recommend getting the combo ticket and going to the Shark and Ray Centre first. You can turn up there anytime and always go back in after lunch if you want.

Space is limited so we recommend to book in online.

Butterflies House

  1. Grab a soft drink, water or juice on the way in. If you want a coffee then let our excellent staff know and they will sort you out.
  2. Then we come by and grab your order for your Gourmet Hot Dogs or Muffins.

The Underwater Café 

  1. With a couple of minutes to go we will get you into an Underwater World like no other.
  2. Take your seats and we will bring in the Gourmet Dogs. You have a choice of of Original Dogs, vegetarian or the Big Kransky. From there build your own Gourmet Dog with toppings including cheese, onion, bacon bits,  plus a whole range of sauces. 

Dont feel like a Hot Dog then have a coffee/tea with one of our delicious pastries.

The Rescue Aviary 

  1. On the way out we will hand you your slushy  to take outside and sit in the Rescue Aviary and hand feed our turtles-its way cool. Our awesome cockatiels love to come and say hello.